Prayer Chain



The prayer chain is the spiritual alarm system which communicates and takes prayerful action on the needs of the congregation, community and global needs.  The importance of the prayer chain is that it faithfully intercedes on behalf of others in need by lifting up specific requests, concerns and emergency situations.

The prayer chain is a life-line for the congregation.  Oftentimes because this work is behind the scenes, the prayer chain is taken for granted and forgotten.  The chain participants may experience inactivity and or lack of spiritual attention.  For this reason there are times that a prayer chain needs new participants and more exposure to the congregation.

The key to our successful prayer chain are members who have a heart for prayer, have the ability to organize a prayer list, and support and encourage those who serve on the prayer chain.  Organizational and people-skills are important for this position and we have filled them with three of our members.

We have two separate prayer chains, please contact the following for your prayer requests:

9 a.m.-5 Prayer Chain – For those who are available during the day time.

After 5 p.m. Prayer Chain – For those available during the evening hours.

Contact  Tanis Fox at or 724 584-2966

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