Bell & Chimes Choir

Park Church bell choir was established around 1961 when a 3 octave set of Dutch bells was donated as a Memorial.  In the years since, these bells were replaced by a 5 octave set of Schulmerich bells.  Most recently a 5 octave set of Malmark chimes were purchased.  Our members age range from 13 to 90,  and we have a 3 generation family involved.

The Bell Choir sets up from 5 to 5:30PM Wednesday evenings in the sanctuary, followed by rehearsal from 5:30PM until 7PM. These members already can read music and are playing at an intermediate level.  We try to perform in the second service once a month.New members are accepted when our season begins the last week of August and runs thru the middle of May, when a mini concert is given during coffee hour. Please contact Carol Meeder Director if you have any interest in the Bell Choir.  If there is any interest , an additional Bell group can be put together for beginners.