Rivers of the World

(ROW) is a not-for-profit Christian ministry that targets remote river basins. Our goal is to serve with people who live in these river basins. It’s been a few years since the mission team from Park Church traveled with ROW but our spirit of missionary work continues to grow. The Knit-ting Ministry has found a new project they want to share with everyone and get you ?plugged in?. They have set a goal of 100 Spirit Caps(Jesus Caps)! These Spirit Caps are specific in colors:

A Gold Crown which means that Jesus is our Covering Crocheted-Jesus-Cap-

Black— We are dead in Sin.

” Red—The blood of Jesus washes away Sin

WhiteSo that we are white as snow. 

Green—We have new life in Jesus.

“Gold—We’ll live forever with Jesus in the Kingdom of God.

The latest ROW brochure with kids wearing the caps is on the Mission Bulletin Board. Instructions are also there for the cap. Anyone who would like to contribute can also knit or crochet a cap for us to send. Contact Deb Reeb if you have any questions.


If anyone would like to help out by donating yarn in any of those colors, it would be greatly appreciated! The Knitting Ministry meets every Tuesday in Park Hall from 1:00—3:00.

Be sure to read in the next issue of the Park and Read Newsletter about the Knitting Ministries number of items made and delivered. They are always looking for donations of yarn.

Please consider donating.

Thank You—the Knitting Ministry