Operation Christmas Child

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Hello Park Church Saints!

We’ve heard from Samaritan’s Purse
and the collection for Christmas
boxes will proceed as usual this year.
November is quickly approaching
so please consider packing a shoe box
for a special child.
We learned a BIG lesson last year…the
folks ahead of us at the drop off
site had over 300 boxes and none Of
them were the “official” red and green
OCC boxes. So if you have a shoe box
at home, use it! We will have
official boxes available but they’re not
required. The flyers telling age/girl/boy
what’s allowed and what’s not allowed
will be in the boxes and extras will be
tacked on the Park Hall bulletin board.
Considering that Covid has cancelled so
many things for so many people, we’re
delighted that the box collection will go
on as always!  For more details, see our
in the September’s Park n Read.

Praise the Lord!

thank You
Deb Reeb

Questions: robdebreeb@gmail.com
724-290-3394 (Deb)