Session has voted to open the sanctuary back up to the traditional service starting on Sunday, March 7th at 11:00 a.m.  The Contemporary Service will be back in the Sanctuary on Sunday, March 21st at 9:00 a.m. Both services will also be live streamed and both services will be available for viewing on our website,, or on our You Tube channel - Park United Presbyterian Church, and our Facebook page Park United 
Presbyterian Church after 9 a.m. on Sundays. Park
Park Hall will also be opening back open for meetings and events, still following mask and social distancing requirements. Thank your for viewing and your patience during these trying times!
Be safe!



God of Mercy and Grace,
You have called us from the east and from the west,
from the south and from the north to be your body in
this world. Keep us connected through you even in our
physical distance.
We come to you trusting that you are our refuge and
our strength, our very present help in trouble.
We pray for people who are experiencing symptoms of
COVID-19 and for the family and medical staff who surround them in care.
We pray for those who are most vulnerable to this disease, whether from underlying health conditions or
other contributing factors. May they rest in your peace
and protection.
We pray for healthcare workers and people on the
front lines of this disease. For workers who are in essential roles to keep our communities going. Keep them
healthy; keep them safe.
We pray for parents and children who are struggling
with this new normal of homeschool, especially those
who rely on school meal programs. We pray for everyone
struggling with these rapid changes. May we be
comforted by your peace and your presence.
We pray for people who face hate and discrimination
brought on by fear and anger. May these your beloved
children feel your embrace.
We pray for those whose actions are motivated by fear
and anger. May they remember that you are a God of
abundance.  We pray for our leaders. May they be guided by your
wisdom. May they be courageous and make the bold
decisions necessary to end this pandemic.
And we pray for all the advocates and the volunteers
who are responding to your call to care for the people
who are most vulnerable in our communities and
around the world. Give them endurance. Stir them with
your longing for justice. May they be comforted and
moved by your Holy Spirit.
It is in the strong name of Jesus that we do pray. Amen


In an attempt to assist Park U.P. we have added a PayPal ‘Giving, donating, payment key to the home page.  Just click on the heart and you will be linked to our paypal account.  If you have a paypal account you can give directly or if you wish you can contribute via any credit card you may want to use.  PayPal is safe, convenient and easy to use.

PLEASE continue to practice social distancing, wear a mask.  Stay home, Save Lives!

•Pastor Jon can be reached by phone 724-213-8528 and email

Here is a handy list of Elder and their phone numbers:
Jason Anger                                       724-816-1033      2023
Andy Grosick                                     724-355-1787      2021
Judy Lutz                                            724-752-9068      2021
Larry Meeder                                   724-452-6930      2022
Amy Quickle                                     724-822-0690      2021
Joe Schlereth                                    724-272-1678      2023
Josh Shaffer                                      412-295-2567      2022
Walt Sieminski                                724-368-8842      2021
Barry Stickel                                    724-816-6357      2023
Helen Taylor                                    724-272-2840      2022
Susan Webb                                    724-473-4675      2022