Hello Park United,

Park United Presbyterian Church is now in the process of acquiring an interim pastor.

Theological Foundations of the Pastoral Call Process

The pastoral call process is guided by Jesus Christ, the head of the church,

who provides you with all that you need to be the church.

Christ Calls

In following Christ, the head of the church, you will seek to discern the will of God for the church’s life and faith, including discerning whom God is calling into pastoral leadership with your congregation. In the pastoral call process it is GOD who calls and it is you who will LIS-TEN.

The pastoral call process, is not simply hiring a new employee for the church as would be done in a secular workplace. It is participating in God’s own choice for the church by opening yourselves to the work of the Holy Spirit who will guide, nudge, empower, inspire, comfort, and inform you in your journey toward finding new pastoral leadership.

Discerning Christ’s Call

Presbyterians believe that God uses committees, papers, procedures, and our polity, sprinkled with a generous measure of prayer, scripture and worship, to help you discern who it is that God is calling to be your pastor.

During the time of transition between pastors, a congregation is invited to engage in a spiritual discernment process to discover its call what God wants the church to be and do in the next phase of its ministry. The Presbytery may ask your congregation to engage in a mission study that involves Bible study, prayer, and an honest and thoughtful look at your congregation and community, as a way to discern the ministry direction where God is leading you.

The discernment process is an exciting journey that will take you through specific steps but moves according to the Spirit’s timing. Faithfull attentiveness to and trust in the guidance of God’s spirit, will help to make your journey rich and fruitful.


? Begin with Prayer

? Prayerfully seek God’s Will and God’s Wisdom

God knows our needs and wants to guide us to the person

He has already prepared for this responsibility.

? Pray for the Interim and Pastor Nominating Committees

? Pray Expectantly

? Pray Intentionally

(taken from PC USA On Calling a Pastor)