Joys & Concerns

This page is for letting our congregation know our joys and concerns.
Week of October 4th  through October 11th, 2020

Judy Lutz having cataract surgery today
Stacy Dambaugh (sister of Tanis Fox) taken to the hospital over the weekend, very ill, treating her for a blood infection & gall bladder.
Prayers for our soldiers and our country!
Prayers for Coronavirus Pandemic.

Pastor Jon – Prayers for family of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberger upon her death.
Lift up our nation to unity with the upcoming elections.  Continued prayers for Bill Staley.  His heart surgery went well and recovering well. 
Lisa Huff  — Praise that Brother-in-law, Henry  made it home safe from Florida where he was helping family.  And that her daughter will be moving from Rochester N.Y. to Denver by November, safe travels
Betty Andrews – Praying for healing from pain, also knowing that other people need prayers as they are in more pain than she.  Thanking church family for prayers.   Also thanking Larry Meeder and the Levites for their work around the church.
Larry Meeder –  Thanking the 14 people who came to the Church work day yesterday.  .
Norm Novak – – Prayers for favorable outcome as he starts his treatment for Prostate Cancer.
Carol Meeder – Continued prayers for son-in-law, Michael recovering from a serious vehicle accident.

Pastor Jon asking for prayers for Pastor Tim at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, had heart surgery.
Pastor Jon advised that Pastor Jim’s wife from St. Peters had heard complications also.
Prayers continued for Bill Staley as he will have open heart surgery this Friday.
Judy Lutz advised her son, Gary had a blood infection causing cardiac symptoms, being treated.
Carol Meeder advised that her son-in-law was in bad accident, Still in a lot of pain, coming along.
Travel mercies for Alice Anger, going to Texas to be with grand-kids for awhile.
Dave asking for continued prayers for Valerie to get a job and home.
Lisa Huff’s cataract surgery went well, left to be done soon.

Pastor Jon:  Praise and thank you for all the music from Carol & Nonie and all the special guests.

Pastor Jon:  Lift up our nation, asking for forgiveness  for all that is going on.

Pastor Jon:  Lift up Bill Staley as he is to have open heart surgery this week.  He currently wears a Cardiac “Life Jacket”,  24-7 until surgery.  This device protects him from irregular heart beats and cardiac arrest.

Judy Lutz:  Prays for her son, Gary.  Had chest pains last night and is currently in
UPMC hospital for more testing.

Lisa Huff:  Having cataract surgery this week, also has to be tested for COVID-19.

Gladys Novak:  Her daughter was involved in an accident yesterday, another vehicle ran stop sign and broadsided her car.  She is very sore but grateful it was not worse.  Other woman received injuries that don’t appear real serious.  Her two children were in car and not hurt.

Norm Novak:  Praise and prayers for his grandson, Sal.  Just got out of military and going to college.

Betty Andrews:  Pray for daughter, medical issues.

Bonnie:  praise Lord for much needed rain.

Bonnie Lukee:  Rita Lawson still in rehab but coming along after heart surgery. 

Pastor Jon:  Tom Olinger still needs our prayers for getting better.

Unknown:  Prayers for victims of Hurricane and California wildfires.


  • Praise Sharon Marburger had a colonoscopy last week and all is well

  • Prayer for Braeden Marburger leaving for college soon

  • Pray for our nation and congress – remember we are one people with one faith, and we can vote for different candidates.
  • Pray for the Barr family, Lisa Huff’s cousin who sustained a heart attack and passed away.

  • Continued prayers for Frank and his friend to find a job soon.

  • Kevin Meeder is attending Ball State and playing football but he just found out they will not be permitted to play this fall.

  • Ruth Teslik wishes to thank everyone who sent cards, flowers and gave words of encouragement during her convalescing at home after a fall.

  • Sharon Marburger having a colonoscopy on August 14th

  • Travel Mercies for Carol & Larry Meeder driving
    their grandson back to college in one day

  • Judy Lutz’s niece finally got a new job in a dental office

  • Lisa Huff’s surgery went well and her CAT scan was clear

  • Continue to pray for Clare Huff for healing and she thanks everyone for phone calls and cards

  • Thank you from Stacy & Walt for the prayers and cards for the passing of her mom

  • For Frank who is looking for employment and his friend Valerie for employment and a place to live

  • Pray for the college and school administrator as they try to prepare for the fall session

  • Praise for the rain we needed and welcome cooler weather

  • August Park & Read is available in print and on line