The Knifty Knitters are still going strong!

It’s been 5 YEARS since the first hat came off the needles!!

God keeps blessing us over and over and o.v.e.r. again with more yarn (every time our supply gets low!) so we keep nitting/crocheting/looming!

Many of the donations are from our Park Peeps…they’re very appreciated!

Thank YOU!

Hats and scarves were given to Live Out church (for Russian orphans or for local in-need folks; they will choose whom to give them to). Some went to the Zion Church food cupboard and others to the New Castle men’s shelter.  We continue to knit prayer shawls for the chemo patients at Passavant. a bunch of hats were created for the OCC boxes, along with cotton bar-soap bags and pencil/glasses cases.

We have a lovely time of fellowship sitting around the table while we play with yarn, chat-ting, sharing updates, family pictures and an occasion-al pot of coffee…feel free to come and join us!

Knitterly,  Deb Reeb